Picky, picky

There are a lot of things I am good at, and I will be straight with you, diligent viewers, it is not making decisions. There are small involuntary and regular choices we make in our day-to-day: “What am I going to wear? Should I shower (no), do I want to sleep in later (yes).” All of those answers come naturally, if not simply (I will go on record and say I dislike showers and love sleep, take that how you will), however, I rarely find it easy to make decisions about things when given too many options.

Call it “Overchoice” or “Choice overload,” whatever you call it, I’ve got a giant case of it. Unfortunately for me, my life is full of major choices every day. The most pressing, and the whole point of this blog, is choosing wines I want to share with you.

My day is filled with tasting, exploring, talking about, moving, boxing, invoicing, selling, and storing wine. I dream about wine! (My co-workers will be the first to tell you that I have regular nightmares about their imminent deaths, and the subsequent responsibility of having to run the shop on my own). However, and most importantly, I love wine.

Now readers, many of you falling down this rabbit-hole of a blog know that I am but a young spring blossom trying to burst fourth out of her tiny little morsel of a bud, and grow into a beautiful big wine-tree, and share all the wine-fruit I have with the world. This is no easy task for a young Padawan as myself, to convince you that I a) have good taste b) that you should listen to me at all or 3) that I make any sense, ever.

I ask you, reader, to do the opposite of me, and don’t be choosey; be liberal with your blog-reading time, which of course, I know we all have plenty of between our jobs, social time, families, exercising, instragraming, face booking, sewing, cleaning, reading, oh– and Netflix. There is something to be said about trust, about giving a person you may know a little of–or maybe even a lot of– the chance to open her heart up to you and share a perspective on wine that I feel has not been seen as often as it should. The world of wine is as discombobulated, crazy, and unpredictable as any turning, growing, and shifting industry can be; in my eyes, a perfect match to my frame of mind 99% of the time.

In this labour of love, I hope we can discover together the joys of learning a bit about what makes this multi-million dollar product market so blissfully personal to each and every one of us, and to share that interconnected, thrumming heartbeat that moves us from vineyard to vineyard, winery to winery, and palate to palate.